Three White Guys Find New Way To Burn Kevin Durant Jersey

Durant Jersey guns fire okc fans shooting jersey

Imagine your buddy gets this incredible opportunity where he gets the chance, at 27, to choose the ideal place to work. Like I said last night in the NSFWBDs post, you have to give Kevin Durant credit for willingly becoming the NBA villain. That takes major balls. He knew the jerseys would burn. He knew the first game back in OKC would be brutal.

He probably didn’t know three white good ol boys would open fire on his jersey and find a new way to burn a jersey.


And you thought Cavs fans were brutal burning LeBron jerseys in the streets.
A little over the top? Of course, but you can’t just burn a jersey in the street. It’s 2016 & you either take the burning to the next level or the video doesn’t go viral and cause pussy bloggers to get all bent out of shape over hot lead flying at a jersey.

Then we have this guy posting a For Sale sign in front of Durant’s house:

People in OKC are NOT happy with KD. Here's Big Rich, who runs the Pink Parrot, one of the best bars out there.

— Landry Locker (@LandryLocker) July 4, 2016

¬†One other thing, I like that people are mad at a KD tweet from 2010. That’s like an entire lifetime ago.


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