Nick Young Almost Blew Off His Hand Holding Fireworks

Nick Young fireworks

Lakers guard Nick Young has been on a pretty bad run in 2016. Not Johnny Manziel bad, but secretly getting recorded by your teammate, losing your girlfriend, and reportedly knocking up one of your side pieces isn’t exactly ideal.

However, Swaggy P found some luck on the Fourth of July after he somehow avoided injury after a firework he was holding exploded in his hand.

That’s right, dumbass Swaggy P, who’s set to make $5.4 million to not play for the Lakers next season, actually grabbed live fireworks while someone was Snapping him:

We just came very close to a Swaggy fireworks PSA in 2017.

In not-so-shocking news, the Lakers are expected to bite the bullet and either trade or waive Swaggy this offseason.