July 4th With Charissa Thompson, The Staffords & Manziel’s Sister

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Tired of Michael Strahan commercials?

You’re in luck, he’s about to stop making commercials because he’s joining Good Morning America and ABC wants him to act like a journalist who doesn’t have conflict of interest. Maybe that’s why he’s hosting $100,000 Pyramid. Maybe ABC said we’ll make up the difference with the commercials and all you have to do is record a few game shows and you’ll be all good. Entertainment Weekly gave the new Pyramid a B. I picture Strahan doing all sorts of things like this: Rose Bowl parade, Thanksgiving coverage, Christmas parade at Disney World.

Numbers fromĀ @ESPNStatsInfo:

The 2016-17 Warriors will be the first team in NBA history to have 4 All-NBA player from the previous season on their team.