20 NSFW Black Dudes React To Andrew Luck's $87M Guaranteed Contract

Someone needs to show the NSFWBDs the baseball contracts out there that are guaranteed because most of these guys have a big issue with Andrew Luck inking a new deal that will guarantee him $87 million. Here’s the even bigger news that the NSFWBDs won’t like: Luck should’ve been paid even more, according to the NFL insiders.
I get it — that’s huge money and the guy only made it through seven games last season.
The guy has three 11-5 seasons on his resume, but the NSFWBDs go back to an injury season like 2015 and say Luck’s not worth the money. So let’s take a look at how outlandish it is to give this guy such a huge guaranteed salary.

Never forget that the NFL guys aren’t making that much money.

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