Kris Dunn Talks To BC About Acting In Speed Stick Commercial & Where Are The Gucci Shoes?

The big highlight from my interview today with Kris Dunn — the No. 5 overall NBA draft pick — had to be when the new T-wolves point guard told me what will happen with the Gucci shoes he wore to the NBA Draft. The guy stole the draft with a simple shout out to JC Penney and mentioning the shoes.
You know the rest.
The 22 year old Providence graduate was trending on Draft night and he’s become a hero to Twitter. It’s been a huge couple months for Dunn. He also has a Speed Stick commercial to promote and a life to start living in Minnesota.
Not familiar with the Kris Dunn life story? You might want to read about how hard this guy had it at an early age.

Here’s my 10 Minutes with Kris Dunn:

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Kris Dunn’s acting debut:

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