Meet Indiana QB Zander Diamont's Girlfriend Reilly Madison

Unless you’re a super die hard college football fan, you probably don’t know who Zander Diamont is. I mean he’s a QB at Indiana and I’d say about 95% of the country can give two shits about Indiana football.
But you might remember him from this picture in 2014 that went semi-viral after Indiana beat Purdue, with Diamont smoking a cigar, holding the Old Oaken Bucket, and causing ovaries to explode across the internet.

Well now Zander has settled down with one girl and her name is Reilly Madison. Reilly is an Indiana journalism student, just like Diamont, and will be by his side going into this fall as her hubby fights for the starting QB position.

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Buy This Washington State Tailgate Motorhome — $9,400
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