Cam Newton Makes it Rain at Strip Club

cam newton strip club

How did you spend your first night of the summer? Barbecue with friends and fam? Hit the pool? All solid options, but probably not as fun Cam Newton’s night at V Live in Atlanta.

As you can see below, Cam put on his nicest cowboy hat and let the cash fly on stage:

When @_dc7up says there is going to be 1 million dollars in the air opening weekend, he ain’t lying!!! #camnewton #MylittleAssClimbingthePole #vliveatlanta

You hear that sound? It’s all of Cam’s haters rushing in to give the guy crap for hitting a strip club in June. Stay tuned for the ESPN hot takes on Wednesday — this will easily top NBA Draft coverage.

From the past: Cam and Rick Ross at the strip club.

[H/t to TMZ]

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