13% Of Cleveland Wasn’t Watching Game 7

Cleveland Game 7 TV ratings


The TV numbers from Game 7 of the NBA Finals are rolling in and, I’m going to blow your mind here, Cleveland fans were watching in huge numbers. But there’s a mystery as to who wasn’t watching Game 7. The people who study TV ratings are fascinated that 13% of the Cleveland market wasn’t watching.

What could possibly trump 52 years of misery. This is the first championship in color for the city. You’d expect even the nerds who hate sports would be tuned in. Not so.

What were the other 13% watching? Maybe Game of Thrones for an hour.

More ratings numbers from Game 7.

Then we get this prediction from ESPN Cleveland Guy…bro, you can’t be serious with that 200k prediction. There were more than 200k in downtown Sunday night. This Jeremy Fowler guy gets paid to know about the city and the fans. Major disaster here.

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