Tim Tebow Does The Bahamas Shirtless On Jet Ski…For The Ladies

Tebow Jet Ski Vacation

It’s been too long since¬†we’ve provided something for the ladies who frequent Busted, so here’s Tim Tebow on vacation earlier this week in the Bahamas with his family.

And in typical Tebow family perfection, they turned in a perfect family photo at Atlantis with the dolphins jumping in the background.

Everything seems perfect. Tim’s looking perfect on the jet ski. The weather seemed perfect.

And then this comes out from an interview with Larry King:

King: Do you still hope to play in the NFL?

Tebow: I don’t know. I don’t know what the future holds, but I know who holds my future. That’s a quote I’ve said since I was probably 18 years old, freshman year in college. And it’s one of my favorites, because He’s got a better plan than I have for my life and I’m grateful for that.

King: Do you talk to teams?

Tebow: I talk to a lot of my friends, who are in the league and playing, and all around. So, yeah.

King: Might you come back?

Tebow: I don’t know. We’ll see what doors open. Maybe.


Bro, you turn 29 in August. Enjoy your perfect vacations. Go get a wife so you can finally have sex. It’s time to reprioritize your life.

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