Hulk Hogan Still Living The Poor Person Life At Airport Waiting For The Gawker Money

Hulk Hogan Houston airport

You know who isn’t living like he just bankrupted Gawker Media and has them on the hook for a cool $115 million? Hollywood Hulk Hogan, that’s who. The guy was slumming it this weekend with all the poor people at Houston’s airport, even eating amongst the normals at Papas BBQ where a rib platter goes for $13.79.

That’s managerial legend Jimmy Hart traveling with Hogan. It’s hard to believe Jimmy is now 72. Doesn’t look a day over 50. The hair is better than ever.

As for Hogan, this should be the clearest indication that he’s not seeing any of Nick Denton’s money. No private jets. Doesn’t appear to be any kiss stealing. Maybe there’s a limousine here and there. Just one of us ordinaries.

Want that shirt that Hollywood is wearing? $24.99 at Hulk’s online store.

Meanwhile, Saturday morning in NY, the locals woke up to this Post cover: