Eddie Murphy’s Girlfriend Must Work Out, Tillman’s Finger & UK Mugshot


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Cavs-Warriors get it on tonight at 9 on ABC and you should be praying that the Cavs win and send this back to Cleveland so we get to see Leebs one more time this summer. Soccer fans get a few games to dork out on. There’s also the normal baseball schedule that you don’t care about. Have fun!


Eddie Murphy’s GF pops out a baby, looks like this a month later

Ex-NFL RB Travis Minor popped trying to order up a hooker

UK bball player smiles in public intox mugshot

Kirk Cousins likes HS yearbook quote

Look at Charles Tillman’s finger

News media taking smiling selfies from Orlando crime scene

Florida: This guy calls 911 100 times, blames “robot technician”

Meet Jacqueline from Sac State U.

God Bless The U.S. of A. Fox News Video of the Morning

If you're on a terrorist watch list you can go buy a gun. Learned something today. pic.twitter.com/HEgPWmHzeI

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) June 13, 2016

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