Fan With "Trump Sucks" Painted On His Chest Stormed The Court During Game 4

I guess if you want to make a political statement you might as well take advantage of those expensive tickets and national TV broadcast with millions upon millions of people watching. You paint “Trump Sucks” on your chest and storm the court so everyone knows just how much you hate the Republican nominee. However, the one thing you have to make sure is that they actually show you on the broadcast, which didn’t happen.
Luckily, we have other angles and pictures from people in the arena, so this dude’s point was ultimately made.

Great tackle by that security guard. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, that has to be the highlight of a security guard’s life.
Here’s another video of the “Trump Sucks” guy getting escorted out of the arena.

It’s kind of odd seeing as the Republican National Convention is going to be in Cleveland in about a month.


Ayesha Curry is Sitting Behind Roni Rose
Ayesha Curry is Sitting Behind Roni Rose
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