Manziel Padres Jersey Bro Fumbles Foul Ball At Tigers Game, Middle Fingers BC

Do I feel bad for Shayne, the Manziel Padres fan at Comerica tonight who lost a foul ball while celebrating his foul ball grab? I’m split on this one. Part of me is happy Shayne lost the foul ball during the obligatory side slap five with his fellow bro because now we have a Manziel story to anger the BC readers who say we post too much Manziel nonsense.
The other part of me hates to see Shayne lose the foul ball on such a ridiculous fluke side slap with his bro because he put the ball into the left hand knowing the boys were about to slap skin. I hate to see a guy fumble away a souvenir via fluke accident.
I’m just thankful he’s wearing that Manziel Padres jersey because that makes the story. If that’s a Craig Monroe TBT jersey I don’t even create a post.
By the way, the Blue Jays are in Detroit, not the Padres.

And then sent this about 10 minutes after I RT’d AP.

And Shayne didn’t get the foul ball after the celebration disaster:

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Astros Fan/Teacher Alexandria Vera Knocked Up By 8th Grader
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