OG Gets After It During Warriors Game 1 Celebration

This OG is probably some dot com billionaire (look at the shoes, plus the shirt stuffed into those 29/36 pants — it’s always a tell) just shredding the dance floor last night outside Oracle after the Warriors demoralized the Cavs on a night where the Cavs couldn’t stop Golden State’s scrubs.
Dot com billionaire hasn’t felt this great about life since he sold shop.com or some other late 90s bullshit site for $500 million & then turned around and made a fortune in some other 2012 deal that would make a normal man disappear.
Or maybe he’s just some dorky white guy who drives a Prius & eats kale. Who knows. What’s clear is that this series could get ugly real fast and that means Cleveland fans better get used to OGs dancing their asses off.
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Meanwhile, in Cleveland…

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WATCH: Oakland Cop Admiring Warriors TV Host Ruby Lopez
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