Johnny Manziel Stopped In NYC By The Owner Of The Car From His Crash In April

And the streak continues! Another week, another Johnny story. The guy is on the hottest of hot streaks when it comes to controversy.
Remember back in April when a car that Johnny was in crashed and he fled scene, only to ultimately get taken home by none other than Josh Gordon? Well Johnny still hasn’t ponied up the money to the owner of that Mercedes and the guy is pissed. He went on a personal man hunt and tracked Johnny down in NYC and literally stopped his car to try and get Johnny to pay up.
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More details from TMZ: 

Johnny was leaving Trump Soho in NYC when it became apparent his SUV was being blocked by a fleet of cars from Precision Concierge.  Seems Wayne, the owner, got wind Johnny was there and he wanted to settle a score.
You’ll recall last month TMZ Sports broke the story … Johnny rented a Mercedes in L.A. and it crashed into a pole on the Sunset Strip, totaling the car.  Johnny and the driver, OVO Ryan from Drake’s crew, fled but came back and fessed up.
Here’s the problem. The Benz was owned by Wayne’s company, and Johnny hasn’t forked over money for the whip.

I’m sure it’s all just a misunderstanding. We all know Johnny is the type of guy to take care of his business.

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