Enter a Raffle for This Clemson Tailgate Truck

If you’re a Clemson fan interested in stealing the show at pregame tailgates in 2016, look no further than the custom-built 2011 Ram truck above. It sits on 30” inch rims, has six TVs, a custom paint job, LED lights and so much more. (You can read more about the exterior and interior details by clicking here.)
Now, you won’t be able to make a straight purchase on this thing as it is being raffled off. A ticket will cost you $100 with the drawing set to be taken place before Clemson’s first home game.
Before you decide that a $100 ticket isn’t worth it, do know that the raffle is being held to help out a Clemson family in their time of need:

All proceeds will go to help this single father and his 2 sons. The father became disabled after an injury that damaged his L3, L4, L5, and S1 also causing damage to his sciatic nerve rendering him disabled and unable to work but also being too young to be eligible for his social security which they are in the 3rd appeal of so he can receive benefits to support his 2 sons and himself.
Then December of last year had an emergency procedure/colonoscopy after some blood work (and family history) showed some anomalies relating to cancer/colon cancer. Still undergoing one procedure after the next to try and contain, slow, or remove what the doctors are able to. To top it off the medications (which there are 11 prescribed) are not cheap… There are many more biopsy’s, procedures, and treatments ahead along with trying to provide for his children. He has an extensive collection of vehicles (all custom or rare) that he can no longer physically or financially upkeep and or use. Please help us help this family in their time of need. They love Clemson dearly and this is like loosing a part of their family but it can be replaced where as life and time cannot.

Here’s an additional video of the truck in case you need to be persuaded further:
[H/t to @ClemsonTom]

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