Julia Morales Avoids Getting Hit By Foul Ball

Julia Morales Astros foul ball

Astros sideline reporter (and friend of the site) Julia Morales has had a pretty eventful week with foul balls.

On Tuesday, she covered the now-infamous George Springer funnel cake foul ball, and tonight, she had to show off some quickness to dodge a screamer headed towards the section she was in:

That was almost athletic! https://t.co/5ZKhq6Jnng

— Julia Morales (@JuliaMorales) May 26, 2016

Gotta love the bro in the backwards cap protecting his girl by turning away.

Here’s a better shot of the lady getting nailed by the ball, but be warned, it may cost you a seizure:

Oh that had to hurt https://t.co/iRhh6GaZgv

— Zach (@ZachJMayer) May 26, 2016