Eddie Lacy at Packers OTA: “I think I look good”

The Packers kick off OTAs this week, and expectedly the big news at camp falls around the weight loss of Eddie Lacy.
It’s been a huge topic of conversation for the running back all offseason, and after his first practice he told ESPN: “I think I look good” — you be the judge:

(For what it’s worth, ESPN’s report noted a source said Lacy still weighs in around the 240-pound range.)
Head Coach Mike McCarthy, who was critical of Eddie’s frame last season, told reporters that he’s pleased with what he sees thus far:

Lacy’s trainer, P90X creator Tony Horton, spoke with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about the origins of their partnership, training methods, and most importantly, changing the big man’s penchant for China food and alcohol:

The other thing too was just getting his diet in order. The problem was caused because of a poor diet. That changed. He didn’t know that healthy food could taste good. I cooked for him a lot of days. It’s not that hard. You make some egg whites and throw some veggies in there. It’s not rocket science. He was excited because he learned that you can make healthy food taste really good, so it’s easier for him to be more consistent with it. In the past — he’s from New Orleans so there’s a lot of really rich foods. He grew up with that. He’s a crawfish fan. He cut way back on the alcohol, which he learned early on that excess alcohol causes testosterone levels to go down. And that’s all he needed to hear. It was really impressive to see his level of discipline and hard work and willingness to get way outside of his comfort zone. Because he knew what was at stake. It was important to him, so he did it.

Eddie Lacy weight loss chronicles:


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