Redskins Cheerleader Goes To Prom With Twitter RT Kid

Redskins cheerleader prom

Redskins cheerleader Christa Aiken kept her word and went to prom with the high school kid who got 10,000 retweets. We told you back in March about Stephen Bieber trying to land a date with Christa, which then turned into a viral campaign like you used to see on Twitter more often back in the day.

Christa set the bar, Twitter came through and Stephen had his Redskins cheerleader date to his senior prom.

[photos via @karenjewell369]

Prom 2K16 was lit, you could say

— Stephen (@StephenBieber_) May 22, 2016

Yep, Stephen and his girl rode to prom in a Rolls. You have to give the Biebs credit for doing it up right for Christa. He posted a bunch of pics and never tagged Christa in a single tweet. That’s a vet move right there. You’re taking her out for a night, not marrying her.

They call me Cam Newton

— Stephen (@StephenBieber_) May 22, 2016

Few more😊

— Stephen (@StephenBieber_) May 22, 2016

#OMHSPROM 10k Slay

— Stephen (@StephenBieber_) May 22, 2016

The best photo of the night…some bro moving in on Biebs’ girl:

@dcfitchick killed it

— Rex (@IBleedRavens) May 23, 2016

10K slay 🎉

— Christa (@dcfitchick) May 22, 2016