Johnny Manziel Was Thrown Out Of A Nightclub For Allegedly Punching Someone

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I guess that low-carb and low-sugar diet that Johnny might be on has made him hangry. That would be hungry and angry, a word I’m pretty sure yuppie white girls invented. When all you’re eating is chicken, vegetables, and champagne you might want to punch a dude in the club because you haven’t had bread in weeks.

This all alleged, but TMZ got a video of Johnny right in the middle of a scuffle in the Aria club in Vegas after he apparently punched a guy in order to get up front for an impromptu Drake performance.

Here’s the tip:

Johnny Manziel was removed from a Vegas club after the former NFL QB allegedly hauled off and punched a guy.

Witnesses inside Jewel Nightclub at the Aria tell TMZ Johnny was in a VIP booth near the stage Friday night. Drake showed up for a surprise performance and club goers started to push and shove to get up front. Our sources say Johnny got pushed and turned and slugged the club goer.

You can see in the video the guy Johnny punched tries going after Manziel … but a security guard steps in between to break things up.

However, we’re told Manziel got the boot shortly after the scuffle.

Are Drake and Johnny still boys? Maybe he was rushing up there so he could convince Drake to let him back in the OVO crew.

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[h/t TMZ]