You Can Bid For CC Sabathia's Tricked Out H1 Hummer At A Starting Price Of 90k

Remember when Hummers were all the rage for athletes and celebrities? Back in era of MTV Cribs it seemed like everyone had a Hummer to go along with a Scarface poster in their movie theater. Then people realized that they get about 12 miles per gallon and burn holes in the atmosphere, so it wasn’t worth it anymore.
This is CC Sabathia’s original H1 Hummer that he’s ready to auction off at a starting price of $$89,888.00. Yeah, that seems like a ridiculous asking price, but this thing is completely custom and tricked out.
More from the seller:

I usually don’t like it when cars are totally modded out. But whoever did the interior on this H1 did an amazing job. They converted the interior to all black with suede accents. They added a huge screen upfront. They added monitors in the headrests. They added PlayStation 3 in the middle. They added Satellite TV. And they installed insane sub woofers in the back. The previous owner was CC Sabathia from the NY Yankees. Makes sense why there is only 20K miles on the H1. I’m sure he has a ton of other cars he drives. This H1 has the “F” block engine as well. We had this H1 fully inspected and serviced. We also did the brakes too. The wheels are 20″ Fuel Hostage with near new tires. The CTIS system is fully functional with these wheels. We have 120 month financing or used car leasing program up to 60 months. Please call or text with any questions at 949-874-0315.

I’m sure you could talk the price down, it’s not like CC needs the money. He’s still got $50 million left on his deal with the Yankees. He’s probably just trying to get rid of this thing.


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