Meet Jordan Spieth's Summer Intern – Kylee From ASU

Jordan Spieth has hit the intern lottery. And when I say hit the intern lottery, I mean Arizona State hot chick intern lottery. I’m talking ASU Alpha Chi Omega, which is pretty much like closing your eyes, pointing a finger and landing on one of the hottest college girls available on the intern market.
A BC reader sent word last night that @kyleeraem has been mentioning that she’s interning this summer for Spieth so of course I’m going to do a little investigating to see what our favorite golfer is up to.

Let’s just say that Spieth might be in a little trouble this summer with this firecracker. When an intern is basically saying she’ll have your kids on the spot, that might not be great for a guy’s concentration. Kylee’s 20, while Jordan’s 22.
This is worth monitoring over the next couple months:



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