Jesse Palmer With Shannon Ihrke, Make Sosa Black Again & Cardinals Fan Eating Chinese

You know how desperate people in Vegas were for IKEA?
The LV Sun reports there were “thousands” of people at IKEA Wednesday morning when the doors opened so shoppers could be uncomfortable couches, beds and candles by the dozens. Vegas people actually camped out to be first in line to get in. That’s what it’s like to live in the desert when the nearest IKEA is in Phoenix or L.A. You can get a hooker at every main center bar in every Vegas casino, but you couldn’t get – before Wednesday – a bookcase you have to construct when you get it home. Times are a changin’ in Vegas.
Numbers from @SportsTaxMan:

Steph curry on fire in 3rd quarter Johnson 2015-16 salary: $24,894,863 Steph Curry 2015-16 salary: $11,400,000

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