I'm Feeling Very Confident About My Cam Newton Pants Thanks To Brad Ausmus' Hoodie

The price for Cam Newton’s BCS just went up thanks to that Brad Ausmus hoodie that the Tigers are auctioning off that became famous when Brad ripped it off and covered up home plate. Now that hoodie and hat combo are now up to $4,160 with six days left to bid.
Let’s all be honest here for a minute: The Ausmus hoodie and hat have to be the most overrated pieces of sports memorabilia in history at this price level. This has to be a fake bid because there’s no way someone is stupid enough to drop $4,200 on something that will be forgotten about in a couple months.
But I’m not going to complain too much. I’m going to save this post for a later date down the road when I finally decide to sell Cam Newton’s BCS game pants that I bought in 2011 for $1,525 – from Auburn University.
Now that’s real history right there. Auburn claims two national titles: 1957 & 2010. The 1957 title was in the AP poll so it’s legit and 2010 speaks for itself. We’re talking about THE PANTS worn by the first or second greatest player in Auburn history (Bo Jackson?) in a title game. And I own those pants.
I think about the pants from time to time and what I should do with them. Should I offer the pants back to Auburn in exchange for a full ride down the road for Little BC? Should I sell the pants to an Auburn collector (one already made an unsolicited bid that I rejected) or just put the pants on the open market and see what happens?

You guys know the drill with this stuff. The jersey is the big dog, but the pants are the harder piece to acquire. The Manziel home jersey worn during his Heisman campaign was supposed to fetch $100k in 2014. A Leonard Fournette jersey from 2015 sold for $101,000. The highest-priced college jersey sale known is for a Tebow jersey worn during his junior season. Darren Rovell reported that it sold for $250,000 during a charity auction.
And then we have something like Ausmus’ hoodie randomly fetching at least $4,200. I remember shaking when I pressed the bid button with like 10 seconds to go on Cam’s pants with $1,525 on the line. I was fairly confident the pants would eventually be one of the best purchases in my life.
Things are still looking good.
*Don’t be shy, you know you want that Ausmus hoodie. Keep bidding higher, big spenders. 

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