Buy This Kansas City Chiefs Creeper Ambulance — $1,750

Chiefs tailgating ambulance

If you’re a Chiefs fan looking to get a tailgate ride but don’t want your wife to kill you for dropping $10,000 — we have a possible solution.

Currently up for sale on Craigslist is a 1973 Chevy ambulance that has been converted into the “Chiefs Mobile.” The owner has had it for 10 years now, and is hoping to find the perfect fan to sell it to.

Information from the seller:

1973 Chevy Ambulance converted into the most unique and eye catching tailgater in the parking lots at Arrowhead. I’ve taken it to lot A for 10 years but have had it in storage for the past year and half. Runs well, but due to being in storage the brakes are locked so it will need to be towed. All lights worked when it went into storage. Needs a diehard member of the Chief Nation to provide some tlc and get her back to the stadium on Sundays

So the brakes don’t work — there’s always something up with these bargain rides. Still, at $1,750 you could do a lot worse than a decent ambulance.

Additional photos of the Chiefs Mobile:

Not that sketchy inside:


A fresh paint job wouldn’t be a terrible idea: