Did Billy Ripken Rip A Nasty Fart Last Night On MLB TV?

Billy Ripken fart MLB TV

“Sorry about that,” Billy Ripken said during a live look-in at the Red Sox-Royals game Wednesday night on MLB Network. Of course it was a nasty fart. What else would cause the MLB Network crew to be so disgusted on live TV? I wasn’t watching, but according to Twitter, Sean Casey was working last night.

He’s not reacting like that over some minor bomb. That had to be a shit-your-pants, and you better find a shitter quick, fart.

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This is also a good time to post my favorite 1989 Fleer card. I know the Griffey Jr. was the one worth a few bucks, but this one spans generations. It was right in my wheelhouse for card collecting. Those of you old enough to remember those times have to remember how disappointing it was to get the Ripken with a box over those famous words.


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