Lenny Dykstra Put HGH in His Cereal

We know a lot of you guys aren’t Colin Cowherd fans, but whenever he has Lenny Dykstra on it’s pretty much a must-watch segment.
Lenny last appeared on Colin’s show back in October, and dropped a gem about blackmailing umpires to increase his walk totals — an ingenious move that statistics seem to back.

Colin had Lenny back on Tuesday to promote his book, “House of Nails,” and, of course, he delivered yet again with a casual conversation about putting HGH in cereal:
Our favorite part? Lenny talking about banging the women of other players:

“Here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to go into their house, we’re gonna do their women and we’re going to take their money. That’s it. You talk to the other team, I see you talking to the other team, we’re fighting. You know, we’re playing for real money. It’s just a different sport and that’s why it’s kinda falling behind.”

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