Crying Jordan Grad Cap, Bob Stoops At Ohio Bar & Jim-Jess Clausen At Wedding


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Shame on the Rangers for holding back Jose Bautista

I didn’t waste my Sunday sitting on Twitter talking about the Bautista-Odor KO like some of you losers, so I have no idea what the groupthink mentality was on this one, but I wanted to see Bautista respond. Don’t grab Bautista after Odor just drilled him in the jaw. Let him fight. Let one of his boys come to the rescue. Let’s see if Bautista can throw a punch. We know he can take a huge right to the jaw like a champ and not buckle. I want to see if the guy can go 12 rounds. I want to see if he’s willing to risk a broken hand/wrist to drop Odor. Now I need to see more of these teams fighting. Make it happen, Baseball Gods. #MAKEBASEBALLFIGHTINGGREATAGAIN

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Jason Day becomes 5th player since 1980 to win 10 or more times on the PGA TOUR before his 29th birthday (Woods/McIlroy/Mickelson/Duval)

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