Shirtless Guy Carrying Case Of Beer & Friend Break Into Williams Brice Stadium

You know which school doesn’t have very good security at its football stadium? South Carolina. That’s where you can be shirtless & carry a case of beer and just walk right into a stadium to commit acts of vandalism and theft.
School officials and police aren’t providing many details on Shirtless Guy & His Friend, but we do know the friend is wearing a “Lights, Camera, Champions” shirt. That should bust this case wide open.
From The State:

The nature of the crime was listed as vandalism, destruction of property and larceny-theft from the building. No other details were provided although one of the men is shown carrying what appears to be a case of beer.
The two men are described by police as white males and that appear to be in their late 20’s. One male has dark hair, a beard and mustache, and what appears to be a tattoo of a Phoenix on the left side of his chest. He is wearing dark shorts, a baseball cap, and flip flops. The second male has close-cut brown/blonde hair and is wearing shorts and a t-shirt with the words “Lights, Camera, Champions” emblazoned on the front.

Now how about releasing video of these two doing work in the stadium. Let’s get down to business here. Tell us what they took. Tell us what kind of beer he’s carrying.
HT: @JoshuaKader

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