Rockets G Patrick Beverley vs. Jemele Hill & Michael Smith In An Incredibly Civil Twitter Beef

I’ll admit that I don’t know much about Patrick Beverley other than he plays for the Rockets and the Rockets and he just came off a season where he average 10 a game during the regular season and played about 26 minutes/gm during the playoffs.
And then he got into one of the most civil Twitter beefs of the century on Wednesday with Jemele Hill and Michael Smith from His & Hers. We’ll just assume that Hill & Smith were talking Wednesday on the show about how the Rockets are a mess. Patrick happened to be watching and BLEW UP.
I’m talking multiple f-bombs, just letting loose. Just kidding, Patrick Beverley seems like one of the most civil guys you’ll ever meet on Twitter who’s been arrested in the pastย for a $321 unpaid toll road fine.
Patrick’s gonna need to start using profanity to make national blog headlines.

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