Connor Cook’s Sister On Raft, Darth Schilling & Teflon John Football

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Get ready for another Vegas resort/casino

Remember where the Stardust was located? There’s going to be a giant Chinese themed resort built on that land and opened by 2019. This is good news for those of you who want do duck into an air conditioned building when walking to Slots-A-Fun for some slumming. This is just incredible news for families like the Kardashians who’ll, you have to think, be hired to appear for an hour in a Chinese club for a million.

Numbers fromĀ @RJinVegas:

Trump’s Vice President Longshots: Fiorina 25/1 Gingrich 33/1 P. Ryan 33/1 C. Rice 40/1 Palin 40/1 Scarborogh 50/1 McCain 50/1 Giuliani 50/1