Laremy Tunsil's Former Financial Advisor May Be The Person Who Hacked His Twitter

This Laremy Tunsil story has been bananas these last few days, but it looks like we may have some information on who leaked the video of him ripping a giant gas mask bong and possibly who leaked his texts on Instagram.
First a quick refresher. About 10 minutes before the start of the draft on Thursday night this video gets leaked on Laremy Tunsil’s Twitter.

Then later, after he was drafted by the Dolphins, these texts get leaked on his Instagram account.

Now we have an update on who the culprit might’ve been. A lot of people jumped to accuse Tunsil’s step father because he had just filed a lawsuit against him to try and get a cut of that draft money cake. Turns out, it looks like it may have been a former financial advisor to Laremy.

This report doesn’t specify whether this financial advisor also did the Instagram leaks, but I would safely assume that the two are connected. I don’t think that was some weird coincidence.
We also don’t know his name, but just know that he’s looking at some big time legal issues.

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