Drew Rosenhaus Showing Off His Wife and Sister-in-Law on Draft Day

The Thomsons

Today is basically a holiday for NFL superagent, Drew Rosenhaus, who is jonesing to make his clients (and himself) a whole lot of cash.

Drew announced to his followers that this is his 28th NFL Draft as an agent, and celebrated his feat by dropping a photo of his hot wife and sister-in-law. Oh, and his baby made an appearance as well for the perfect family photo:

Elle, Mom and Aunt Lisa on their way to the Beyonce concert! pic.twitter.com/fz3m1BtrP4

— Drew Rosenhaus (@RosenhausSports) April 27, 2016

Damn, hold up — Drew got his caption wrong the first time:

Let me try this again and get it right this time. Baby Elle, Mom Lisa and Aunt Michelle. pic.twitter.com/EZF2OeuE4N

— Drew Rosenhaus (@RosenhausSports) April 28, 2016

And here’s a third pic, for good measure:

This is my 28th NFL Draft as an agent. But it is my 1st with baby Elle. So it is definitely my best one pic.twitter.com/zjM27huT1E

— Drew Rosenhaus (@RosenhausSports) April 28, 2016