Bella Thorne Snapchat Prowess, Eli Apple’s Mom Drops Hammer & Wentz’s Favorite Beer

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NFL Draft. It’s starts at 8. Tell your football-hating wife, girlfriend, husband/boyfriend, etc. that you have plans. Then prepare to get no sleep because you’ll be laying in bed overthinking your team’s picks.

You might want to follow Bella Thorne on Snap

Eli Apple’s mom drops a HAMMER on NFL scout

Carson Wentz’s favorite beer is_____ & he eats at Perkins

NFL Draft prospect drops $41k on this, shows off financial acumen

Clippers fans really showed up last night for their team

PC police strike at U. of Washington, attack cheerleader standards

Florida: Guy runs over Trump sign w/mower, banned from neighborhood

Meet Jadelyn from Washington State

Never Forget This Mel Kiper Moment Draft Video of the Year

Mel Kiper at the 2007 Draft.

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) April 28, 2016

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