NFL Mock Draft 2016: Top 5 Picks & Must-See Predictions

The NFL Draft starts Thursday and the Los Angeles Rams are on the clock. For all your info regarding when the draft is and what time it starts, check it out here. There is truly no certainty in this years draft picks past the first two selections. While there are many mock drafts out there, we have you covered on the top 5. Check out who we think the top 5 players selected will be.

#1 Overall: The Los Angeles Rams Select..

Jared Goff

The media are the ones who have been claiming the Rams are leaning towards this pick. I do agree with them that the Rams will pick the Cali quarterback to be the future of the organization. It is no surprise that the Rams will draft a quarterback here and Goff could be a perfect fit for years to come. Goff was a three year starter at the University of California where he progressively improved his game from year to year. Look for Goff to be the first name selected Thursday night.

#2 Pick: The Philadelphia Eagles Select..

Carson Wentz

Even with 2 quarterbacks on the roster with a guarantee of $34 million between the two, the Eagles are likely to take a quarterback here. They will take whichever quarterback falls which would be Wentz in this situation. Wentz is the rumored reason that the Eagles traded up in the first place. However, that trade has prompted starting quarterback Sam Bradford to request a trade from the team. The Eagles quarterback position is a mess which could potentially lead Wentz to be the quarterback of the future.

#3 Pick: The San Diego Chargers Select..

Laremy Tunsil

The Chargers biggest need might not be an offensive lineman, but Tunsil would be a great pick for them at this point in the draft. Tunsil is widely considered as the best lineman in the draft coming in at 6’5″ and weighing 310 pounds. He started 26 of 29 career games and competed against the best of the best in the SEC. The Chargers have some other needs they could address, but protecting Philip Rivers is key and Tunsil can do just that.

#4 Pick: The Dallas Cowboys select..

Jalen Ramsey

This pick could be hard for Jerry Jones and organization not to pick Ezekiel Elliot here, but Jalen Ramsey is a stud. Ramsey is a defensive back, but could easily help a team out at safety also. The Cowboys offense should be back in order after they get Romo back, and stacking up their defense with this pick could be the difference maker for the team. The only temptation here is whether the Cowboys pick Elliot as they do have a running back need.

#5 Pick: The Jacksonville Jaguars Select..

Joey Bosa

I believe that one way are another, Bosa will be the first Ohio State player taken in the draft. Both he and Ezekiel Elliot could go in the top 5 but both should be top 10 picks. Bosa was highly considered to be the top overall pick in the early mock drafts when the Titans owed the pick, but things have changed. Bosa will slip a little bit due to the Rams and Eagles trading up for quarterbacks, but he shouldn’t be affected too badly.

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