Blackhawks-Blues Game 7 Antlers Have Been Identified

The tips started coming in Tuesday as word began to spread around Chicago and St. Louis that we were trying to figure out if the antlers sitting behind the Blackhawks bench during Game 7 against the Blues were planted or if the woman was a legit Blackhawks fan.
We can report that the Blackhawks Boobs belong to Stephanie Rose Bones. No clue if that’s a stage name. We even received an email from a guy who was sitting next to her at Game 7.
Mike W. writes:

I sat next to her at the game and she is definitely a Blackhawks fan. She has a Kane 88 tattoo on her arm plus she knew details about player trades that took place this year.
She wasn’t a plant.
As for Hawks, the bench was very focused on the game and I only saw a few guys taking a look during TV timeouts.

A quick look at Rose Bones’ bio shows us that she was in the Marines, studied funeral services and is from St. Louis. There you have it, the mystery is solved. You guys sure were curious Monday night. The search traffic was through the roof all across Canada and Chicago. It was incredible to watch Canadian city after city go nuts over the Blackhawks antlers. Thanks to those who sent tips. BC works¬†because the tipsters always come through.

Stephanie seems like a party:

Boobs Behind The Blackhawks Bench – Game 7 Updates
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