Johnny Manziel Has A New Job Offer

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Johnny’s offseason has been well documented by us. Everything he has done to cause this downward spiral of a career has been posted on this website. And as much as we cover the bad things he’s been doing, we’ll also cover the good moments in his life.

Right now it’s looking pretty slim that he’ll have a roster spot this season. When Drew Rosenhaus drops you as a client, that’s a pretty good sign that no one is going to sign you. So that means Johnny will be job searching and there’s already a place looking to hire him.

Oh no @TacoTime, that's cruel!

— uSTADIUM (@uSTADIUM) April 24, 2016

A low blow from the Spokane Taco Time aimed at Johnny Football lol

— Michael Hawbaker (@mikeh107) April 22, 2016

That’s right, Taco Time up in Washington. Those aren’t all the same location, either. He has options. He’s a taco making free agent right now. It might not be able to handle his lavish lifestyle for a long period of time, but he’s got money saved up and it’ll only be temporary. Hopefully making a shit ton of tacos will keep him out of the club enough that a team will give him a chance.

I say give it a try, Johnny.

My local Taco Time. "Johnny Manziel we are hiring"

— Karley (@projectaudition) April 23, 2016