Watch This Dad Snag A Home Run Ball While Holding His Baby In One Hand

As a blogger, when baseball season rolls around it’s not exactly exciting. We aren’t really going to be posting anything that happens on the field unless it’s something absolutely ridiculous. Not much blog worthy material is created during a baseball game
However, when it comes to the fans, it’s a field day for us. Some weird shit happens in the stands during baseball games. It’s hot, people are usually drunk, and the games are slow, so fans always tend to provide us content. I’d like to think we’ve cornered the market in posting these fall ball and home run catches by fans. Whether the ball lands in a beer, someone avoids spilling their beer, or they’re holding a baby, we’ve got you.
This time a dad risks his baby’s life all for the glory of snagging a home run one handed.
I mean he plucked that bad boy right out of the air. Afterwards, Root Sports in Arizona got the much anticipated exclusive interview.

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