Derek Jeter Tried To Dupe The Internet With This Hole-in-One

The internet in 2016 is a terrible place. You can’t trust anything these days. One day you’re watching a video that you think is funny and that night you see it was Jimmy Kimmel staging some dumb prank or a company developing a marketing campaign. It’s ridiculous, so I don’t believe anything I see anymore until it’s 100% a guaranteed fact.
Derek Jeter tried to get me and all of us yesterday. This video posted by his sister (to make it seem real), shows him hitting a hole-in-one. Guess what? It’s not real.

Sorry, Derek. Your crew can’t start cheering before the ball has a chance to hit the green. It’s physically impossible for the ball to go in that quick unless he cashed it like Steph Curry from the tunnel. You aren’t fooling me.
Also, pretty dumb to put “…or is it?” if you’re trying to trick the internet. But somehow a hundred websites still believe it.

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