Holly Sonders Isn’t Going to Prom After All

Despite collapsing at last summer’s U.S. Junior Amateur Championship, 16-year-old Andrew Orischak still came away with a prize most thirsty dudes would envy — a prom date in Holly Sonders.

Yes, the initial bet was that young Andrew had to win the event to get Holly to go to prom, but she threw him a bone anyway.
… Or so we thought.
According to The Island Packet, Andrew and Holly’s schedules are conflicting during prom weekend with both of them playing in different golf tournaments:

The appointed weekend has come, with the two teeing it up on opposite sides of the country – Orischak playing the prestigious Sage Valley Invitational starting Thursday outside Aiken and Sonders taking part in the Derek Jeter Celebrity Invitational in Las Vegas.
“I’m not sure it was ever going to happen,” Orischak said recently. “I don’t think it was ever really a serious thing.”

That damn Jeter always gets the girls, even when he’s already engaged.

[Holly Sonders- IG]

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