Florida Little League Fathers Fight On The Field…Instead Of At The Bar, At Home, Etc.

All I’ve seen across the Internet is how bad we’re supposed to feel for the Cooper City, Florida Little League kids who had to watch their fathers fight at a recent game. All I kept thinking was how lucky those kids are to even have dad in their lives. After all, it’s Florida and the dads could’ve been getting hammered at the bar or in handcuffs headed to jail.
Like these kids haven’t seen this kind of thing before. Florida is Florida. The kids have already seen all sorts of crazy shit by this age.
And I’m supposed to believe the catcher is standing there stunned because of the craziness of it all? He’s a catcher. Tough guy. He’s watching that fight filing away intel for an ass kicking that’s coming to the kid belonging to the old timer fighting his dad.
Make Little League Great Again – stop coddling the kids with “Poor little kid” headlines. This is real life right here. Fight for your next meal.

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Red Sox Fan in Walking Boot Makes Impressive Catch
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