Ohio State Fan Dumps Dead Body At Dayton V.A., Sprints Away From Hospital, Is Arrested

Ohio State Fan Arrested Body Dumping VA Dayton

Remember how you thought I won’t blog about Ohio State fans showing criminal behavior? I tried to tell you guys that it doesn’t matter which team the scumbag is representing, I’m blogging it. Last week it was Ohio State fan and his bros attempting a breaking and entering while on surveillance video. This week it’s Ohio State guy dropping off a gunshot victim at the Dayton, Ohio V.A. and then sprinting away from the scene.

Now Ohio State Guy is in custody as detectives try to figure out what roll, if any, the guy played in the shooting.

From the Dayton Daily News:

Thomas Johnson died from a gunshot wound to the right arm/chest area, according to the Montgomery County Coroner’s Office. The coroner’s office said Johnson was wounded at 2001 Shiloh Springs Road in Trotwood, which is the location of a Speedway gas station.

Johnson was dropped off at the VA Medical Center on West Third Street in Dayton and was pronounced dead from his injuries. Johnson’s death has been ruled a homicide.

I’ve read all the updates from the DDN – let’s just cut to the chase, this sounds like a drug deal situation. Two others are in custody. The guy was shot in a neighborhood where bad guys go to do drug deals.

Now we have this 33-year-old Joshua Wilson on camera sprinting out after dropping off a body. Was he with Johnson when he was murdered? Were they friends? You don’t just run out of a V.A. if your buddy gets knocked off, right? Or was he scared because it was a drug deal situation? Maybe it was a setup.

So many questions with this one.


Ohio State Fan & His Crew Caught On Camera Attempting Breaking & Entering