Inside The Manziel L.A. Rental House Party Ragers – VIDEO

Remember last week when I showed you inside an Airbnb gone bad for Johnny Manziel and Drake’s groupie OVO Ryan? Yeah, well shit has hit the fan today as the New York Post reports the house owner is furious that cocaine was found, and shrooms and Manziel allegedly crashed on a sofa at 2 p.m.
I wrote how Manziel and OVO were pissed at the Airbnb experience and now the other side has gone to the press on what went down inside that rental. 

Goodwin tells Page Six he returned to the house to find it trashed and Manziel crashed on the sofa at 2 p.m. He said, “They were supposed to check out at noon. Manziel was passed out . . . There was cocaine all over the kitchen table, and mushrooms were still out on the table in front of him. There was booze everywhere . . . broken glasses over the floor and a Champagne glass in a tree.” He added, “If they don’t respond to our demand for compensation, we will sue.” Manziel, his lawyers, and Rosenhaus didn’t get back to us.

The homeowner also sent pics of what looks like lines of coke on a table.
So glad I saved the Snaps that I could find out of that rager. Now I’m mad that I didn’t get the part where the ragers were playing beer pong with tequila. This taught me a major lesson: Never edit out anything from Manziel snap videos. Ever. Save it for later. Save it for when the homeowner goes to the press.

Alleged cocaine from the Manziel rager:

Here’s what I have from the Manziel L.A. house rager, including the tattoo artist giving out ink.

[protected-iframe id=”3bb1446ca44d0decc7002f306bba67e1-22577676-23105199″ info=”” ]

Johnny Manziel a Passenger in Hit-And-Run Incident
Johnny Manziel a Passenger in Hit-And-Run Incident
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