Zach Randolph’s Accuser Beat Herself Up


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Life’s tough out there as a professional athlete. Sure, you’ve got the cash and bevy of women to choose from, but with those perks comes a plethora of potential pitfalls.

Zach Randolph knows about this all too well, as a shameless woman recently tried to frame him for beating her up to get at his wallet.

Last month, TMZ reported that a woman told the LAPD that Randolph assaulted her and even had marks all over her body to prove it. But it turns out it was all just a ploy, with those bruises being inflicted by a friend:

But one week later, officials say the woman changed her story … and during a police interview on March 31st, and said there WAS an argument but Randolph NEVER touched her.

According to official documents … cops say the woman told officers, “she was upset and decided to file a fabricated police report and ‘just wanted to get his money.'”

When asked about the injuries, the woman said before she filed the initial report on 3/24 she and a friend drove around the corner from the police station and inflicted the injuries to her neck and back themselves … and then pinned it on Randolph.

It really doesn’t get any more shady than that. The report adds she even signed a document admitting that she lied about the story.

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