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What a night for Kobe, Lakers fans and Hubie Brown

Kobe got his 60. Kobe fans who paid $30,000 got great value out of last night. And Hubie Brown had one of the great color analyst nights in NBA history. Did you even realize that Hubie, who is 82, was openly rooting for Kobe to take every shot and the more difficult the shot, the better? Go back and listen to the call. Hubie was on fire. Hubie was pumped that fans were pumped and jumping up every time Kobe let one go from deep. After all this talk about old guys being angry about how it used to be, it was refreshing to hear Hubie analyze the game like he was 25. That game went about as perfect as it could — minus the National Anthem.

Numbers fromĀ @ESPNStatsInfo:

Most 3-pointers in single season Stephen Curry 402 (2015-16) Stephen Curry 286 (2014-15)

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