Manziel Apologizes To Von Miller With Step Brothers Meme On Instagram

The Johnny Manziel drunken trail wreck rolled along late last night when John Football apologized to Von Miller for telling TMZ that they were roommates. Miller cleared the air Monday, saying that it wasn’t true the two were living together.┬áLate Monday night, Johnny cleared the air with some nonsense about looking for houses together with Miller.
So they were house hunting at the same time, which turned into Johnny telling TMZ he was living with Miller? This gets more ridiculous by the Instagram post.
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Then we also have news that all this might’ve been false to begin with. Sources say John Football is living with Josh Gordon, who just failed another NFL weed test. Look, I’m all for this crazy train to keep rolling along. I don’t want it to stop. I can’t get enough. Johnny needs to keep talking to TMZ camera guys. I’ve never been a bigger fan of this crazy train than right now.

“Johnny….Johnny…who are you living with tonight?”


Andy Dalton is Money from Long Range
Andy Dalton is Money from Long Range
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