Jeff Bagwell’s Shoes, Phillies Fan Arrested & Cardinals Opening Day Body Paint


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Humans being despicable humans

So you saw that story out of Texas where a woman ripped a $10 ring off a dead woman’s hand at a funeral? It’s almost hard to believe humans can be that big of a scumbag. And then you see it on the news and on video. And then some of us have to watch it in real life. We have to watch other humans hope their own mother will die so they can get a few pennies in inheritance. I’ve been watching this scenario for the last month. Just when you think something is too despicable for what seems like a normal human to pull off, a human will go down that path. This week a 101 year old will be put into a grave and the son can only think about the money he’s going to get when the probate court irons out the will.

Numbers fromĀ @RJinVegas:

Projected spread when Golden St goes for record-breaking 73rd win on Wednesday: -17 hosting

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