Rachel Bush Invades Cleveland With Browns Safety Jordan Poyer

Browns safety Jordan Poyer confirmed to BC sources last week that we can officially call Instagram & Snapchat superstar Rachel Bush his girlfriend, which is huge news for those of us who’ve moved on from Manziel and need new storylines in The Land. Enter Poyer and Bush: Cleveland’s new power couple.
The big news this weekend is that Bush made what I believe was her¬†maiden voyage to The Land, which, as you’d expect, would be a big shock to the system since there was snow Friday night and temps are about 20-degrees below normal. This ain’t Miami, but from what I can see on Snap, Bush was a trooper.
She used the requisite Snap lenses. She took the bathroom selfie. She referenced Brook Park, OH, which is near the airport. There was the shot outside the Browns facility in Berea – nothing exotic. It’s April in Ohio. It might get to 65 on Friday.

*This is where I suggest Poyer charters a boat to Put-In-Bay this summer – I suggest second week of July – and unleashes Bush. Hit up the Mist pool bar. Tear up Mr. Ed’s at night. That’ll make her feel a little better about Ohio.


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