Anna Kournikova At The Beach, Sleeveless Eddie Lacy & A Donald Trump Parody Is Coming


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You get day baseball in Detroit at 1 on MLB if the game doesn’t get rained out. Then Brewers-Cardinals at 4 on MLB. And then we close down the night with Hawks-Cavs tonight at 7. Check your local listings. ABC counters with Dancing with the Stars.

Anna Kournikova hits the beach

Sleeveless Eddie Lacy gun show

Donald Trump p0rn parody news from Larry Flynt

Finebaum vs. B1G gets rolling again

A.I. recreates Tyronn Lue incident with 76ers fan

Meet the old timers who won’t sell their house to Augusta National

Florida: This woman arrested for ‘molesting’ vending machine

Meet Natalie from U. of Arizona

Steph Curry Waved Off Three From Deeeeeep

Curry from deep

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) April 11, 2016

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