Alex Rodriguez Net Worth 2016: How Much Is Alex Rodriguez Worth Right Now

Alex Rodriguez Net Worth Now


Alex Rodriguez, or “A-Rod” as he is also known as, is a highly scrutinized figure in today’s game of baseball. Some of the reasons he is so scrutinized is due to a full 162-game suspension he received in 2014 for using performance-enhancing substances. A-Rod sat out the whole 2014 MLB season and lost nearly $23 million of his pay that year because of it. Rodriguez was a star shortstop that made his debut early in his career and is still playing today. Throughout his career, Rodriguez has been an all-star 14 times, won the MVP 3 times, won 2 gold gloves and the list goes on and on. As he has officially announced that he won’t play after the 2017 season, lets and see where A-Rod has made his money.

Alex Rodriguez Net Worth as of 2016: $400 Million


Alex Rodriguez Net Worth 2000


Rodriguez was selected first overall in the 1993 draft by the Seattle Mariners. He was drafted out of high school at the age of 18. In his first three years of service, and at the ages of 18,19 and 20, Rodriguez made a modest $442,000. Not a bad amount for a teenager. While that pay may have seemed like a lot to him at the time, it was nowhere near the future pay he was going to receive elsewhere.


Alex Rodriguez Net Worth 2003


After being granted free agency in 2000, A-Rod inked a 10 year, $252 million contract with the Texas Rangers. While the pay here is an astronomical number, especially back in 2000, Rodriguez was a star in the making and only 25 years of age. It was a high-risk high-reward that the Rangers were willing to take on. Rodriguez never brought World Series Titles to the Rangers, but he had much personal success there when he led the league multiple times in home runs.


Alex Rodriguez Net Worth 2006


Alex Rodriguez was traded in 2004 to the Yankees for two players while the Rangers agreed to pay $67 million of his remaining contract. A lot of Yankees fans were most likely glad to see him because a previous trade to the Red Sox had been rejected due to financial terms. And of course the Yankees and their fans were excited at the new talent they were getting in Rodriguez. Within his first 4 seasons with the Yankees, Rodriguez won 2 MVP awards and looked like a good trade for the Yankees.


Alex Rodriguez Net Worth 2007


After opting out of his final three years of his contract, Rodriguez was again a free agent and was looking to command a lucrative deal. He found that deal and stayed in the same city and signed with the Yankees. A-Rod signed a 10 year, $275 million contract laced with many incentives, bonuses, marketing bonuses, etc. This became a deal that, towards the end of the contract, the Yankees would not like.


Alex Rodriguez Net Worth 2016


Towards the beginning of the new 10 year deal with the Yankees, all was looking good for both sides of the deal. A-Rod was remaining a presence on third base and the team was winning. In 2009, the Yankees even won the World Series. All was looking good on this massive deal. Then in 2013, there was talk about Alex Rodriguez being linked to using performance-enhancing drugs. And in that year, MLB struck down a 211-game suspension that was later appealed to 162-games and A-Rod sat out the whole 2014 season. This really took a hit on Rodriguez’s legacy. He would be looked at as a cheater the rest of his playing career. His reputation was tarnished and all he could do was train and work hard the rest of his career to prove himself.




While the net worth A-Rod has established is an enormous amount, his net worth does not include this year or next years pay along with any incentives and endorsements that could be eared. According to Forbes, A-Rod’s career earnings could reach up to $480 million. Not too bad for a kid drafted out of high school at the age of 18.